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  • A couple of recent films which I have edited while working for the E3 Foundation in Austin, Texas. These films are very touching and remind us of the power that great stories have to change our perceptions and impact the way we live in this world.

    Laughing with Purpose
    Comedian Michael Jr talks about Purpose

    Unconditional Love
    Rebekah Lyons talks about unconditional love, and the effect of having a down syndrome child


  • Check out this interview: fiveminuteswith Ken Robinson published in Issue 18 of Latitude: <click here>


  • Big news!!! We are now based in Austin, Texas. We are so exited about the move to the United States and all the new creative film opportunities. We are looking forward to shopping for cowboy boots and hats and experiencing some of the great Texas food and lifestyle. Austin has such a creative culture with many leading film makers seek to be based in Austin rather than LA. Stay tuned for all the new projects we will be developing.


  • “Boomtown Studios has provided us with an excellent service which is tailored to the needs of our Bentley and Rolls-Royce organisation. Ken Robinson had an excellent understanding of our company requirements and was very thorough and knowledgeable in what it takes to make an up to date, professional video presentation, whilst still maintaining the essence of our business. The beautifully filmed Rolls-Royce video presentation is an asset when introducing customers to our business and I would like to thank Ken for all his help.”.

    Bruce McIlroy (Bruce McIlroy Ltd)